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Sasquatch Sap

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Sasquatch Sap is a Sativa-dominant hybrid stock that consists of the classic Chem Sister X Chocolate Diesel stock. This bud is specifically designed to stimulate outdoor activity by mixing the relaxing effects of the muscles with a clear sense of energy.

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  • Sasquatch Sap is a Sativa dominant hybrid line derived from hybrids of the classical Chem Sister X Chocolate Diesel variety. This bud was specially created to stimulate outdoor activities. Then mix the relaxing effect with a distinct energy sensation. The best begins with an amazing euphoria push that revives your mind with a sense of clarity and sincerity. As your mental abilities grow, your body will not reduce your energy, but will help fill the sense of relaxation which will help relieve physical pain. Together, these effects will provide a great opportunity to explore nature and give you new gratitude to the little things around you. Combined with a high THC content of about 15%, these effects favor Sasquatch Sap to treat symptoms such as chronic stress and anxiety, chronic pain, depression, chronic fatigue . Sasquatch Sap brings unique sweetness and rusty flavor to diesel with outstanding expiration of surprisingly smooth chocolate syrup. Even though it has touch of richness, the scent is almost the same. The buds of Sasquatch Sap have medium-sized round green nuggets coated with dark amber hair and small amber-colored hair-like protrusions.

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  • Hendri - September 3, 2014

    Wow nice!


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