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Red Congo

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Red Congo marijuana is 100% Sativa with a THC level reaching 18-20%. Take the tops combined with the soft leaves wrapped around them.

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  • Red Congo cannabis strains, THC content is 18-20% of 100% sativa. Its origins, however, are still widely discussed, a lot of people will argue that this diversity of marijuana is three classic system, ie Afghans are coming from the People's Republic of Congo and Mexican Sativa. Thanks to its high THC content and pure sativa genetics, tension, tension, it is recommended to use throughout the day to relieve fatigue and pain. In a sense, Red Congo shows the appeal of the bag and the unique characteristics of the Indica. It buds tightly with a soft leaves that are wrapped around it, attached. The colorful palette of earth tones and orange pistil courage At first glance flows, and the crystal layer of hairy projections speaks about the power of the shares. Red Congo, does not belong to the fragrant system on the planet. It carries the scent of clear and exciting and soil a part of the users also consider cheese or shape. Its aroma is reserved for the true enthusiast, but the method is to fully taste it. Some of the aroma may give it things that affect, but it exerts a subtle influence, it has given room for sweet scent of grapefruit is clearly too spicy mixture.

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  • Hendri - September 3, 2014

    Wow nice!


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