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Orange Juice

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Orange juice, also called "OJ Kush", is a kind of sweet and sour marijuana, a very funny kind of herb.

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  • Orange juice, also known as "OJ Kush" is a mainly Indica varieties hybrid with a ratio of about 70/30 Indica / Sativa. This strain of sweet and sour marijuana, a wide range of its effects, is a very fun type of herb that is loved by aroma and unique taste. As the name suggests, you can keep waiting, the type of orange juice is sour, spicy, and refreshing. As regards effect, they strengthen the user, relax, and strengthen you. Orange Juice created by Gage Green Genetics was created by matching OG Kush and California Orange and with average THC content of 17%. It has more genetic indica, but the hybrid also shows some powerful sativa trends. With a moderate psychoactive THC, this orange juice is because it provides a level of beautiful brain to enhance mood, create a perfect smoke for both ordinary Stoner users and more experienced marijuana. Because it does not belong to the strongest varieties on the ground, contrary to what one may think, it's Indica Indica hybrid mainly can use many seasons. With light green tops and magical flavors and aromas, the orange juice is very attractive. The top is a green color with a purple color. They are covered with ice-like wards that indicate a rich lemon and orange flavor with a delicious berry note. When the pinene begins to mess around the nostrils, it may be slightly sour aroma. Orange juice is delicious in its appearance, with some rustic breathing tunes.

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  • Hendri - September 3, 2014

    Wow nice!


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