Indica or Sativa: What's the Difference?

First of all, when there is a comparison between these stocks, why is it almost always presented as Indica versus Sativa? I do not like having an endless battle between the two to see the best. Is it better to consider the difference between Indica and Sativa as a discussion of the difference between Indica and Sativa? For us, nothing is more accurate than vs and seems closer to the real purpose of the discussion. Although I think that Indica and Sativa are made of the same plant, they are substantially different. Each has its own strengths and characteristics, each unique and superior in itself. This is not a battle of tension. It is an article of personal choice to verify that 420 varieties are optimal based on mood, tolerance, time, place, environment and the situation in which you are. There are many differences between them and they are clear from a physical point of view. Sativa herb plants have a tall, thin stem and thin leaves. Indica pot plants are short, hairy and have large leaves. Indica plants grow larger plants than Sativa plants. That's why Indica weeds are more popular in the dark market. In other words, if you smoke weeds on the black market, maybe Indica.

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