When do the Souths and their stars play in the NRL?

The NRL is preparing to expand into Souths territory.

It will be the first time since the Gold Coast Titans took over the south-eastern Queensland market last year that the two sides will play each other.

The Titans have already played at a number of regional venues, including the Goldfields, and are expected to host a series of regional matches.

But it is likely that the NRL will play the first game in Townsville, which is home to the Queensland Cowboys.

It is believed the NRL would like to bring the game back to the region, with the Titans playing their first game against the Knights at the Gold Fields on Saturday, October 12.

Townsville is a popular venue for NRL games due to its proximity to the NRL’s first home in Townssport.

However, the NRL is not yet finalising a venue, with a number open to the public.

“We are looking at a potential venue in Towns and the decision will be taken in the next few weeks,” NRL deputy commissioner Mark Evans said.

“The first game will be a very important game for the club and our community.”

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