How to get John Schneider on your show? Here’s how you can start.

Axios — A week ago, John Schnee was the guest on a new podcast that he’s created, “Beat Producer,” hosted by “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.”

The podcast was an offshoot of Schneiders new production company, “The John Schoolers” — a record label he started in the ’90s with his father, Jimmy Schnee, and a label he co-founded, The Beat Factory, in 1999.

In it, he shared a story of growing up in the punk scene, the challenges of working as a producer and what the label did for him after the release of his debut album, “Punks, the Future of Rock.”

Schneideners success with Fallon and the show he cohosted on NBC has created a buzz for the label and the project.

Schneiders success has led to an explosion of podcasts, including “Beat Editor” on iTunes and “Beat Reporter” on SoundCloud, and he is also co-producing a podcast, “John Schneidner: The Beat Producer,” which premieres on Oct. 3 on ABC.

“I think what I am trying to say is that people who have a little bit of experience can be a good fit,” he said.

“You can be somebody who is really creative, but if you’re going to be a producer, you need to know how to work with someone who has a little more experience.

You don’t have to be somebody that’s been in the industry for a long time.

It’s really important for me to get out there and be somebody whose opinion is going to influence the direction of the project and the direction that I go.”

Schneider, who was born in New York City, grew up listening to punk and rock music.

His father Jimmy was an actor and writer.

Schneensen also remembers his mother telling him that if he wanted to do anything, he had to learn to make records.

Schneeiden said the production was a natural fit for him, having worked on films like “The Sound of Music,” “The Godfather: Part II,” “Top Gun” and “Transformers.”

“My dad, he would go on stage with his band and sing and dance and he would play guitar,” he explained.

“It’s kind of how I was raised.

I just felt like I wanted to try it out and I think that was what led to me being on The Beat Editor podcast.”

Schneeider said his first album as producer was a collaboration with Jimmy Fallon.

“We made a few records and we kind of got on like a wave and we got a lot of people who liked that record and wanted to hear more,” he told Billboard.

“We did a bunch of shows, like the ’50s and ’60s, and we played a bunch and it just kind of blew up.

That was really fun.”

Schineiden said he was “pretty excited” to be on Fallon’s show because of Fallon’s connection with music.

“The show really connects with us,” he continued.

“When you have that connection and the opportunity to do something really good, I just wanted to get on the record.

We were a little surprised to get asked to do the show and we were really happy to get that opportunity.

We’re just glad we got the chance.”

Schneckiers new project will include interviews with the likes of Jay-Z, Beyoncé and Lady Gaga.

Schneeider shared that there will be two songs that will be featured in the project — “Beat Director” and a song called “The Last Song.”

“I wanted to have a song with Beyoncé, because I’ve been singing with her and the last song that we did was called ‘I Don’t Want You,’ and I wanted it to be about her,” he shared.

“And that song is really about love and it’s really about life and we’ll have the song that’s on the album called ‘The Last Singers.'”

Schneiden also shared that he is looking forward to playing with the next generation of producers.

“I think I have a really good chance of being in a room with [producer] Dave Dreiwitz and a couple of others,” he added.

“That would be cool, to be in that room with a couple others.”

Follow John Schleyer on Twitter at @josephschneider

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