How to keep your boyfriend happy at prom

I am a prom queen.

I’ve made it my life’s work, to be fair.

I’m so much more than the prom queen that everyone else is trying to be.

I’m a prom princess.

I don’t want to sound like a brat, but I am my own person.

I have my own style, my own taste, my very own personality.

I like to be a little bit different.

I like to keep things personal and be me.

That’s a huge advantage I think.

If I’m going to wear a skirt, I don’t need to be super sexy.

I can wear a little sexy.

I think you should dress like you’re at the prom.

You should wear what you want to wear.

You don’t have to be in a dress to have fun.

You have to just be yourself.

I would wear a short dress if I was going to go.

But I’d go with something more formal.

And I wouldn’t wear a long dress.

You want to dress like a lady, but not like a queen.

If you’re going to dress up, I think you can do that at the same time.

I love to wear heels and dress up.

If I have to, I’d do something a little more formal for the day.

But if you want a little less dress, just make sure you’re not too formal.

And I’m also the kind of girl who likes to go home with my boyfriend.

I think he’s happy to be home with me.

I would always have a good time.

If we’re having fun, we don’t go out with a bunch of other people.

And we don’s stay out of each other’s way.

We have to make our own decisions.

I don,t want to be that person that has to make the other person feel uncomfortable.

You just have to feel comfortable with your decision to be yourself and to make that decision.

I just don’t care what anyone else says.

I want to do my own thing.

If a person is having fun with their friends, that’s okay too.

It doesn’t have anything to do with being a prom king.

But for me, I really enjoy being out with friends and just being around them.

I really don’t like going out with my family or other people and spending too much time in the spotlight.

I am a really good social butterfly.

I get along well with everyone.

I’ll be honest, I do like being in the limelight, but my friends and family know that.

I respect them, I love them.

It’s all about being yourself.

I am just happy being me.

And my favorite part about the prom is the first dance.

And when the dance is over, it’s just me and my boyfriends, and that’s it.

I mean, I can’t even say goodbye.

I feel like a real queen.

And then it’s back to the big night, and then it is back to our normal life.

I love it.

It makes me feel really special, and I’m so excited.

I just hope that I don’ t lose it.

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