A24’s ‘The Fifth Estate’ will be a feature documentary film starring Sophie Mirabella

The producers of A24 Films’ The Fifth Estate are teaming up with the Emmy-nominated production company Sophie Mirabelle to produce a documentary film that will feature Sophie Mirabels work as a producer.

The film is called Sophie Miracles, and the production company has signed on to co-produce and executive produce with Mirabelles production company, The Producer.

The documentary will be the first of two feature documentaries that Mirabeles film studio has produced.

The other documentary, about the documentary about Sophie, is slated to be released in the summer.

Mirabels film is being produced by the A24 and Mirabel’s production company.

Sophie Miracle’s producers are John Fagan and Matt Lohman.

They will serve as executive producers on the documentary, which will be co-produced by Sophie Mirables production company and The Producer, which is owned by the Mirabel family.

A24 will also release The Fifth, a feature length documentary film by Sophie and the other two films in Mirabel and her family’s cinematic legacy.

The Fifth will focus on the career of Sophie’s longtime collaborator and longtime friend and collaborator, actress Sophie Turvey.

It will chronicle the life and career of Turvey, who has worked as Sophie’s collaborator, mentor, and confidant.

“This is a film about Sophie Miraculously, her extraordinary career as a television producer, director, producer, and collaborator,” said Lohmans co-president and CEO of A, Michael Vercauteren.

“It’s a film that has a great focus on what she is all about: her unique and powerful relationship with her husband and family.

We look forward to working with Sophie on the film, and she’s the right person to make it.

We’re honored to be part of Sophie Miracs work.”

A24 is producing Sophie Miracauthor’s The Fifth.

A production company that has previously produced films like The Last Temptation of Christ, The Last Supper, and The Passion of Joan of Arc has picked up the project.

It was originally scheduled to be announced in February but has been pushed back to early March, when Sophie and her husband, Tom Miracula, are on their honeymoon.

A series of promotional materials released this week show that Sophie will be starring in the film.

Sophie will make a cameo in a promotional video for the film and will appear on a poster.

Sophie’s sister, Julia, will also be appearing in the promotional video and will talk to a young boy who is in the audience.

Julia Mirabel is Sophie’s mother-in-law and will be portraying Sophie’s brother, Thomas.

Sophie is also a former Miss California and Miss Pennsylvania in Miss USA 2004.

In 2015, Sophie won the Miss USA Pageant.

In 2019, Sophie was a finalist for the Miss Universe pageant and won the crown in Miss Universe’s inaugural edition.

In 2020, Sophie became the first contestant to win the Miss Texas pageant.

In 2021, Sophie made history as the first transgender contestant in Miss America pageant history.

In 2022, Sophie hosted a talk show on SiriusXM.

Sophie currently serves as the host of the popular television talk show, The Sophie Show.

In addition to her current projects, Sophie also stars in a production of The Third Eye.

She has appeared in several TV shows and films.

She is currently filming a new drama series, The Story of Sophie.

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