‘We were not told we would get £4m’: Chris Cardamone says he had no idea of the £4.8m he received as part of his deal with Irish producer Rachael Breen

Chris Cardampone has admitted he had “no idea” that Irish producer, Rachae Breen, would receive £4 million from him, which has now led to a “fairly big” pay dispute between the producer and producer rights holder, Universal Music Ireland.

Speaking exclusively to The Irish Telegraph, Cardamona said he had received an offer of £4,500 per week and had signed it with the understanding that it would be used to “support the Irish family”.

“We had no indication that she would get any money.

We didn’t even know that she had been offered the money.

I had no intention of signing anything that she was going to get,” he said.

Cardamone, who was part of Rachay Breen’s group of producers for the festival, said the money came with strings attached, including the ability to use it for any number of “good causes”.

He said he felt he had a responsibility to “take care of” his Irish family and, in particular, that he should “pay attention to what they were saying about our family”.

Cardamona, who is currently in the process of producing the final year of the festival’s programming, said he wanted to “make sure the money is well spent”.

“It’s not my fault they gave me the money, I should have paid more attention to it,” he added.

He said the producer had not offered to pay the money back, but said the agreement was “totally” good-natured.

“I think we have been fair and it’s a very friendly atmosphere.

I feel really honoured by the money and I have no idea what it’s worth,” he explained.

Cardampone said he was surprised that Racharael Bounreen was not “a very nice person” when it came to her family and that the “favouritism” towards the producer was an example of a company “not being very nice to their employees”.

“I have no problem with Rachy having a good family, but she’s got a very nasty family.

She’s a nasty person and I think she was just trying to get as much money as she could for her family.

I don’t understand why she was doing it.”

Cardamones father and brother, who have also produced festival productions in the past, have since released a joint statement on social media in which they said they “respect the rights of Raches family” and that they were “sorry for the misunderstanding”.

“In a business environment, sometimes things happen and we don’t know what’s going on, but we always want to make the best decisions for everyone involved,” they said.

Rachael is the only Irish producer in the group of six, who are all members of the Irish Dance Music Association.

The Irish Dance and Performing Arts Association said in a statement that RACHAY BENNA had not been a member of its “for a long time”.

“While we respect the rights and privacy of our members, we do not comment on the private lives of our member producers,” it said.

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