When music is ‘too expensive’, producer dies at 78

A veteran producer and producer of a string of South Side record labels died Thursday, his family said.

Nancy K. “Nancy” Kohn, 81, died at home in Chicago after suffering a heart attack, her daughter, Kristin Kohn said in a statement.

She is survived by her husband, Jerry, and two children.

She had been hospitalized in recent weeks for congestive heart failure and was being treated at a local hospital, her mother said.

Kohn had been in production with producer John “Nelly” DeGale, who produced the band, the Four Seasons Produce label.

The group produced a number of hit albums in the 1980s, including the 1975 song “I’m in Love with a Girl.”

“We were on a mission to do a record with this amazing producer, who I’ve known for a long time,” Kohn’s daughter said.

“I want to express my deep sorrow and regret that Nancy passed away on Thursday morning at 7:10 a.m.

Her life was full of promise and her legacy will live on in the music industry and beyond.”

Kohn also produced the music for the Broadway production of “The Big Sick,” which starred Michael Douglas, as well as the animated television show “The Simpsons,” and her music had appeared on television shows including “The Bachelor” and “The Price is Right.”

In addition to the Four Season Produce labels, Kohn was also the producer of the label for the South Side, as were producer Joe “Buck” Davis, her husband and producer Jerry.

She also worked with DeGales on the Southside label for four seasons.

DeGales, a former member of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, also had worked with Kohn on the group’s 1979 debut album, “The Last One.”

She had worked for the group for several years as a songwriter and producer.

She has long been active in South Side music and worked as a writer and music producer.

Her sister, Kristy DeGarson, said she had worked as an usher at a Chicago park for decades.

She was married to fellow producer and musician Bob Kohn and they had two daughters.

She died of complications from congestive left heart failure, her family said in the statement.

“She is the most beautiful person I know, she was a mother to me, and I will miss her dearly,” Kristy Kohn wrote in a Facebook post.

“I will miss being able to watch her as she worked her way through her life.”

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