When Facebook’s social media ads are too boring: Is it time for another Facebook?

It’s a new day in Facebook’s war against advertising.

As the company prepares to launch a billion-dollar ad-buying experiment later this year, the company is also rolling out a new feature called Facebook Live, which it hopes will help advertisers create engaging ads that engage viewers.

Facebook Live’s most obvious use case is video.

It’s the best way to reach people in their homes or businesses.

Facebook already sells video ads that are broadcast over the web, but that’s not enough to compete with the ad agencies that populate Facebook’s ad network.

Now, the feature will allow Facebook Live to be broadcast live on a variety of platforms, including Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, Facebook Live and YouTube.

If Facebook Live succeeds, it will help it build out its social ad strategy to compete more directly with the likes of Google, Microsoft and other tech giants.

Facebook is aiming to build out a broader suite of video advertising products that it hopes to sell to advertisers.

It is working with a wide range of companies, including NBCUniversal, Google, Twitter and other large brands, according to a person familiar with the matter.

In addition to the Facebook Live feature, Facebook is also expanding its reach through a variety the social network’s existing videos feature, which will allow advertisers to create ads that connect directly to viewers.

It will also let advertisers create videos that appear on pages and pages of their own design.

Facebook says the videos will work across a range of platforms including Messenger, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

A Facebook spokesperson told Business Insider that the company has no plans to stop providing video ads anytime soon.

The move is a direct challenge to Facebook’s existing revenue model.

Facebook’s advertising business has been profitable for years, and the company plans to sell a billion ads by 2020.

The company has built up an ad business that has a huge array of products that can be monetized through Facebook’s ads.

The advertising model is built around the fact that Facebook makes money through video advertising, not through the ads themselves.

The model relies on Facebook making money by building the ad network that allows people to access the ads.

That network, known as the Facebook Platform, has been around for several years.

The platform includes a variety for brands to buy ads, such as paid search ads, paid video ads and paid video engagement.

Facebook said in a blog post on Monday that it will continue to offer paid video, paid search, and paid engagement through its Facebook Platform.

The goal of the new ad network, Facebook said, is to give brands more flexibility in how they target ads to consumers and make advertising more relevant.

It said the Facebook Ads Platform will continue offering advertisers more options for video ads, as well as video content that is produced by third parties.

“The ability to offer advertisers additional video ad options will help us continue to expand our ad network and our ads offerings across all of our platforms, and allow us to provide more targeted advertising to more people,” the Facebook spokesperson said.

Facebook will not provide specific details about how the Facebook ads will work with its other video offerings.

The new ad system has been in development for a while, according the Facebook spokesman.

Last year, Facebook spent $2.5 billion on its ad network over the course of its first five years of operation, the spokesperson said, citing figures from the company’s third-quarter earnings report.

The Facebook platform has had a rough start.

The first video ad, called “Bravo to a friend,” was launched in April.

Facebook bought out the ad company behind it, Vovro Media, in October 2015.

The video ad is a popular video ad format that allows users to create videos to appear on the homepage of their Facebook Page, as a standalone page or on the page of a Facebook Group, Facebook group page, or a Facebook event.

It allows advertisers to connect with users by creating video content, such on Facebook Messenger or Facebook Live.

Facebook also owns video-only videos that are not linked to Facebook Live events.

“Vovro and Facebook have a long history of working together to deliver the most compelling, authentic video content and experiences,” the company said in the blog post.

Facebook did not say how much the Vovros paid for the video, which was originally designed to be watched by about 2 million people, the Facebook representative said.

“While we were able to acquire Vovrro, we were not able to monetize it, and it was unable to generate a profit on Facebook Ads,” the spokesperson wrote.

Vovror Media is owned by a group of wealthy individuals, including Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Amancio Ortega, according a profile of the group on the Facebook website.

Facebook paid $1 billion for Vovrol in March, according, according with the Wall Street Journal.

Facebook has also been trying to diversify its advertising business, as it has been doing for several

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