How to make an iced coffee with coconut water

The coffee industry has come a long way since it was a coffee shop that made you drink a cup of coffee every morning.

The modern coffee bar, barista, or cafe has become an entire thing.

And now, thanks to a partnership between Hill and Nova Scotia’s Dairy Farmers, we can now get some coconut water from a source that we’re familiar with.

The idea behind this project is simple: you can now buy coconut water in the country that produces it. 

We first heard of the partnership from the owners of a coffee roastery in Canada, and they were excited to see it happening in Nova Scotia.

The farmers came up with the idea while they were coasting their Coffee Barista competition, where they set out to build a coffee barista experience.

They took a look at the history of coffee in Nova and decided to try their hand at the process. 

What makes this coffee barist work? 

The challenge was to find a place where the staff was not working at all and had to be focused on the craft of coffee.

That means no one is trying to pour water in and out of your cup, or serve you hot chocolate. 

That means no espresso machines and no hand-press machines. 

The staff is always present and involved in the process of making a cup. 

In order to do this, the farmers needed to find out how much coffee there was in the province.

So they created a tool to measure it.

Using the data, they were able to calculate how much coconut water would be needed to make one cup of iced coffee. 

So, the dairy farmers were able to produce iced milk for a coffee lover that’s willing to work with them. 

When they presented their plan to the dairy farmer’s association, they got positive response.

The association is happy to participate in the project, which will help with logistics and costs as well. 

Coca-Cola is working on its own iced water for coconut farmers in the middle east, but there are plenty of coffee roasters who are interested in supporting the farmers.

Development Is Supported By

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