Which producers will you watch next?

On Friday, the world’s top producers will compete in the EdmGhostProducers show, which is expected to see more than 2,000 producers from around the world take part.

The event will see producers compete to win an array of prizes including a trip to Hollywood to meet director David Lynch, who is set to direct the first season of the hit show, and a trip back to London to watch the first series of Netflix’s show, House of Cards.

The competition comes after a number of producers including BBC America, Amazon and Disney announced last week they would all be making their mark on the world stage with their own productions.BBC Sport has been told that all of the production companies are expected to participate in the event, and it is understood there will be at least one other producer from each production.

The show, set in the same world as the hit film series, is produced by The Edm Productions, who are also behind the BBC America show The Blacklist.

This year’s Edm production will feature productions from some of the most prestigious producers in the industry.

There are two competing productions in the competition, The EdmcGhostProducer and The EdmsHouse of CardsProducers, and producers are expected take part in a live studio show in which they will present their own projects.

Producers who are invited to the live show will be given the chance to showcase their work to the world.

The BBC Sport producers show, hosted by Edm producer and former Big Brother contestant, Tom Sperry, is expected draw a big audience and there will also be an opportunity for audience members to get involved.

Producer Richard LeBoeuf is set for a surprise appearance on the show in the first episode, which he will appear in front of, but he is expected not to be in attendance.

Another producer from The EdminsHouse of Colors is expected on stage to be a guest of the producers, while another will be invited to take part on stage.

All of the productions are expected for a release later this year, with a special event taking place on January 27, which will be followed by an official launch on February 1.

This will be the last time that EdmProducer will be featured in the show, as the producers have moved on to a new venture with BBC America.

The Big Brother cast, with producers Tom Skelton and Paul Schofield, will also appear on stage on February 3, as will production team from The BlackList.

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