Google launches a Google Earth-like app to map the world’s deserts

Google has launched a new geo-aware map of the world, giving users the ability to pinpoint places where they may find deserts or grasslands.

Google Earth is a feature that allows users to view geospatial data of a given area, including the terrain and vegetation.

Google Maps was first launched in 2012, but it only offered geospatially-aware maps for cities, as well as roads and highways.

The feature has now expanded to include a wide range of places, including deserts, grasslands, mountain ranges and even deserts, with a map view allowing users to identify a specific location and explore its surroundings.

Google’s announcement comes a day after it launched its Google Earth app, a feature where users can access information about locations across the globe by using the Google Maps app on Android and iOS.

This app is designed to help people visualize locations, and shows geospacial information in a way that’s easy to understand.

Google has added a number of new geospaces, including one for North America, the Caribbean, the Arctic, the Pacific Ocean and the Great Lakes.

These new geostats are based on a combination of Google Earth data, including data from Google Earth and Google Earth Satellite Images.

The new geographies have been created in order to provide a more accurate map of places.

The app is available for free on Google Play.

Google has also launched its Earth app for iOS, Android and Windows Phone, which can be used to create geostatistics of different types.

In addition, Google Maps has also been updated to allow users to zoom in on certain areas.

The company is also rolling out a new feature that can help users locate a location by using Google Maps’ Location Manager app.

The updated Google Maps will also show a map of a particular region that will help users navigate to a specific spot.

For example, if you were looking at the southern edge of the US, you would be able to see that it was a lot further east than it should be.

The update will be available to all users on January 30.

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