How to Sell Art Without Buying It

Art dealer Chris Cardamone is an art producer who has developed an art selling technique to help him sell his work.

He shares the secrets of his art selling techniques with Vice News.


Don’t worry about being “the boss.”

Cardamones is known for his quick, funny, and often outrageous personality.

He is also one of the funniest people on the planet, and his humor is contagious.

It is impossible to not be the boss.


He has a new style.

Cardamons approach to selling his art is more traditional than many of his peers.

Instead of selling art in bulk, he sells it on his website and through his galleries, which can cost up to $10,000.

He does not want to sell his art at auction, but he can do that if he wants.

“I’m not really a collector, I just want to keep the price down,” he said.


Sell the paintings in bulk.

He sells art for $25,000 a piece at most galleries.

That makes a lot of money for him.

He usually sells at least a dozen paintings a month.

“You’re not going to find many people who can afford that,” he told Vice News, but the best way to sell art is to take advantage of the opportunity to show it off.

“It’s a different business model.

The paintings aren’t selling for $15,000, they’re selling for a fraction of that,” Cardamona said.


Find artists to sell to.

Artists are very much in demand, especially if they sell work for a lot.

“There are artists who are selling paintings for tens of thousands of dollars.

There are artists that are selling their art for millions of dollars,” Cardaminones said.


Use the internet to sell.

Cardaminone is known to be very tech savvy, but not just because of his technology skills.

He also has an online store for sale, and he often sells on Amazon and eBay.

He even uses his Facebook profile to sell the work of others.


Sell your art in a gallery.

Cardamiones own gallery, Art of Art, has over 20 galleries around the world.

He uses a system of selling each of his paintings as an online gallery.

“All the paintings are sold separately, then the sale is done online, and I do a quick check on the internet, and then the art is sold,” Cardamione said.

He said he usually sells paintings for $1,000 to $1.25, and some of the paintings sell for $2,000 or more.


Sell through his website.

Cardameones website, ArtofArt, is an incredible resource for artists to show off their work.

“If I can help an artist sell their work online, I can do it for anyone who wants to sell their art,” Cardamaones said, adding that he has sold over a million pieces of art.


Sell directly to buyers.

The process is very simple, and Cardamon is known as a real estate expert who knows where to find people who want to buy his paintings.

He offers discounts on his art and his paintings online.

He says that artists can usually make a profit on a painting if it is sold directly to a buyer.


Be honest.

Cardamanones advice is always to not make any big promises, especially when it comes to his art.

“When I say ‘you’ll get paid,’ I mean, that’s not something I ever promise,” Cardamas said.

“That’s just how I see it.”


Keep your art simple.

Cardamas art is very plain and simple.

He will paint anything that comes to mind, from birds to flowers to animals, and never try to make it a masterpiece.

“Just show it and have fun with it,” Cardamus said.

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