How to be a successful Broadway producer

The biggest and most powerful producers of Indian theatre are not only making a name for themselves, but also raising millions of dollars for their respective causes.

The Times has compiled the 10 most powerful and influential names in theatre, theatre and theatre production, along with their own personal financial statements.

The 10 most important producersThe 10 producers who have raised the most money and have been named as the 10 biggest and best-paid producers of theatre.


Kishore Kumar – $2.9M, a new production of the same title, is scheduled to open at the Mumbai International Music Festival next month.

Krishnan’s production, the second of his ‘Rajasthan’, will be based on his book ‘Mumbai’s Rajasthan’ about a family in an impoverished rural town.


Deepak Kumar – The actor has already earned a fortune in his first year of acting.

The actor earned Rs 2.4 crore for his first-class performance in a play titled ‘Dangerous’ last year at the Bombay International Film Festival.


Deepa Kumari – The director has earned Rs 4.2 crore for the first-day production of ‘Dirty’ at the Rajasthani Theatre in Bengaluru.


Shikha Kishor – The film maker has earned over Rs 3.3 crore for a first-night play of the Rajastan.

She is also the co-founder of ‘Harmony’, a production of a musical, ‘Mujala’ that is slated to open next month in Mumbai.


Bipin Kishori – The former actor has been earning Rs 3 crore from her ‘Dance with Stars’ production.

The production of an erotic romance that will be directed by Sushil Kapoor will open in Mumbai on March 24.


Anupam Kher – The producer has been making a lot of money from his role in ‘Lolita’, which will be the biggest show of the year.

The actress has earned a mere Rs 1.6 crore in her first year as a performer.


Manish Mehta – The actress was earning Rs 1 crore from the production of her production of another erotic romance, ‘Ragatiya’, in Delhi.

The producer of the production will make Rs 1 lakh from the show.


Sudhir Mukherjee – The singer has earned nearly Rs 2 crore from a first show of ‘Punjab’ in Mumbai, where he has been performing for the last three years.


Aniruddha Khatri – The composer has earned about Rs 1-2 crore from his ‘Aardvark’, a musical about a bhakti family in Punjab, as well as a first performance of the work ‘Pahari’, in Mumbai earlier this year.


B.K. Prahalad – The music producer has earned almost Rs 2-3 crore from two first-week performances of his work, ‘Pranav’ in Chennai, and a performance of his music, ‘Oshna’, in New Delhi.

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