When it comes to the new Nokia 6, it’s all about quality and design

The Nokia 6 looks good.

It feels good.

But when it comes time to pick one up, what’s in it for you?

We’ve got the answers.

We’ve picked out five of the best features and found out which of these might be your new best friend.

Nokia 6 specs The Nokia 7 might be the most powerful smartphone to date, but the Nokia 6 is a smartphone at its core.

It’s a device that delivers everything a smartphone needs: a 5.5-inch 1080p display, a Snapdragon 835 processor, 4GB of RAM and 128GB of storage.

There’s also NFC, a fingerprint scanner and a microSD slot.

We’ll start with the camera.

The Nokia Camera is among the best we’ve ever seen, but it’s not the only camera on the Nokia 7.

The camera can be controlled using the Nokia Remote App and there’s a dedicated mode to take selfies.

However, the camera also offers HDR, which is an extra feature that will make your photos more beautiful and colourful.

The new Nokia Camera will cost you £599.99 (about £2,700 in the UK) and it’s currently available for pre-order in the United Kingdom.

For those looking to buy, Nokia says the camera will ship in September and will be available from October 10.

What you get in the box Nokia 6 Nokia 7 camera Nokia 7 will be the first phone to offer an HDR image sensor, Nokia will also offer HDR support for the Nokia camera, and it will include an extra 3,000mAh battery that Nokia says will last at least a year.

The handset also comes with the Nokia Connect IQ app, which offers voice and text-to-speech features.

However the phone doesn’t offer an extra battery or extra hardware, and will require a MicroSD card or microSD card reader for data.

Nokia 8 price and availability The Nokia 8 will cost £849.99, or about £3,700 (around £4,200 in the US) when it launches in the second half of the year.

This is in line with the $999 price tag of the Nokia Lumia 810, but will be cheaper than the £879 price of the Huawei P9 Plus and the iPhone 7 Plus.

The phone is currently available in Australia and New Zealand, but Nokia says a UK release is planned.

The device is available in a silver colour and features a 1080p screen, an 8MP camera and a 5MP front-facing camera.

Nokia has also announced a range of accessories including a wireless charging cable and a wireless speaker.

It will be sold with a 32GB MicroSD memory card and an NFC-enabled charging pad.

Nokia is offering a £79.99 bundle that includes an NFC smartcard reader, a Nokia Smartphone Case, a MicroUSB cable, a Bluetooth speaker and an HDMI cable.

Nokia says it will also ship the Nokia 8 in India on October 10 for Rs 9,999 ($13,499).

Nokia 8 Price and availability Nokia 8 specs The phone has a 5-inch, 1080p 1080p touchscreen, Nokia’s own wireless charging pad and Nokia ConnectIQ, which lets you connect your phone to your PC via Bluetooth.

However it will only work with Microsoft Windows 10 Mobile.

There are a number of accessories to be had for the phone, including an NFC Smartphone Charger and a Bluetooth Speaker, as well as a microUSB charging cable.

The smartphone has a 16GB Micro SD memory card, which will allow you to store up to 128GB.

The SIM-free Nokia 8 is the cheapest smartphone to launch in India, but there’s no SIM-card reader and no microSD memory.

The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Max are also available for the Rs 10,999/$13,999 price range.

The price difference between the Nokia 808 PureView and the Lumia 811 will also vary depending on where you buy it, but for the average user, it will be $100 less than the Nokia 800 PureView.

What else does it offer?

Nokia’s PureView camera is among one of the finest in the smartphone business, and the phone features a 20.2MP front camera and an 8.1MP rear camera.

There is also an LED flash, an LED flashlight and an LED headlamp.

The Lumias front camera can capture 4K video and a wide-angle lens can capture a wide range of colours.

However Nokia has said the Nokia PureView is not for photography.

The PureView sensor will be a 4K sensor and will only capture the images you see in the Lumia’s main camera.

However you will need to use a dedicated HDR mode for video capture.

Nokia 808 has a bigger sensor, and this means it can capture more detail in darker scenes.

Nokia will sell a limited number of PureViews with 16GB of memory and 128Gb of storage, but

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