10 Amazing Facts About Pharrell Williams

We love pharrell.

When he was a teenager, he recorded music for his dad’s band, the Pharrell-produced We Are Pharrell.

And we love his music even more now.

But there’s still plenty of stuff we miss.

Like when we hear Pharrell’s voice over an episode of The Office.

But, as NPR’s Peter Overby notes, there are other ways to get Pharrell in your head.

For example, you can listen to his songs on the NPR podcast SoundCloud, or you can use an app like SoundCloud Radio.

The app allows you to download a playlist of songs by Pharrell, and then add Pharrell as an announcer to add a little bit of his personality to the audio.

Here are 10 of our favorite Pharrell songs.


Let Me Love You 2: Let Me Feel Your Love 3: Let It Go 4: Just A Little Bit 5: You’ve Got A Hold On Me 6: Say It With Love 7: Love Me Like That 8: Let’s Go to the Movies 9: Do You Wanna Go?

10: I Just Wanna Touch You Now ____ ____

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