How to get your favorite Simpsons characters back

With the return of the animated series, it looks like the return to form of the Simpsons is back.

With a new trailer that includes all five main characters from the original series, we’ve decided to put together a list of some of our favorite Simpsons episodes from the past, as well as some new ones.

If you want to know how to get the Simpsons back, here’s our guide!

The Simpsons is the longest-running animated show in history, having aired for nearly half a century and counting.

Its success has spawned spin-offs and spin-off specials, including a second season of The Simpsons: Bart vs. The Space Mutants, a series that was also included in the first season.

We’ve listed the most memorable Simpsons episodes below, along with a brief history of the show, and some of the best Simpsons references in the world.

Bart’s Return (Season 1, Episode 8) In Season 1, Bart returned home to Springfield to find his dad gone and to find a new place to live.

Bart is a popular student and he also loves sports, especially football.

His dad had been working at a toy factory in Los Angeles, and they moved in with his parents in a one-bedroom apartment in Springfield.

When his father died, Bart was very upset, so he started looking for a place to stay with his dad.

When he found a house in the suburbs, he was ecstatic and was thrilled to be able to live with his family.

However, his parents were worried about Bart, so they gave him an ultimatum: if he wanted to stay, he had to find another apartment.

Bart didn’t listen.

He chose to stay at his parents’ house instead, and he and his friends moved in.

The Simpsons Season 1 (Season 4, Episode 2) In Episode 2, Homer and Bart go to the Simpsons in hopes of finding some of their old friends.

When they are introduced to the Simpson family, the two characters are confused about what they’re supposed to be doing.

Bart then goes on a journey of his own, finding his place in the family and going back to his childhood.

When the episode ends, Homer gives a thumbs-up sign and Bart gets a thumbs up sign.

The Simpson Family (Season 5, Episode 1) Bart and Lisa go to Springfield, but Lisa is upset because her parents won’t let her use the new school library.

They then go to their old school, where they learn that they need to change their names to “The Simpsons Family.”

Homer and Lisa then make an announcement to the rest of the Springfield Simpsons, telling them that they’re leaving Springfield for New York.

When Homer goes to the school library, he finds a note from Bart that says, “The family is home, Bart.”

The Simpsons Family (Episode 8) When Bart is in his new apartment, he decides to go for a walk with his friends, but they have to stop when they find a giant squirrel on the sidewalk.

Homer and his family, who have been following the squirrel, try to capture it, but it runs away.

They come across a large tree that is surrounded by several squirrels.

The Springfield Simpsons (Season 6, Episode 6) Bart’s dad is going to have a birthday party at his new house, and Homer is worried about his parents.

The group is all over the place, trying to get some sleep and getting a drink, and Bart starts to talk about his life.

Bart and his father are at a restaurant and they are interrupted by a man who introduces himself as a janitor named Fred.

He says that Bart has an important job for him to do, and that he has Bart’s parents.

Bart tells Fred to get out of his way and goes to get a drink from the bartender.

However a janitors’ assistant comes by and asks Fred if he is going home.

Fred then tells Bart that he’s a janilor and that his job is to clean up after Bart.

Bart looks up and asks if Fred can help him with his job.

Fred tells him he’s already there and asks Bart to help him, but Bart then says that he wants to help his father with the janitor’s job.

The Homer Simpsons (Series 8, Episode 4) Bart goes to work as a plumber at his old school.

His father is working in a factory, so Bart and Homer go to visit him.

At the end of the episode, Homer says to Bart that they are going to spend a weekend together in New York, and when Bart tells him that they’ll get there in a week, Homer replies that they will.

Bart gives a big thumbs up to show that he is happy to be home with his father, and then they head off to the beach.

Homer’s Birthday (Season 7, Episode 13) When the Simpsons celebrate their birthday, they decide to put on a big party.

Homer goes with Lisa and Lisa is going with her.

The two are then approached by Bart, who says that the party is

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