‘The New Yorker’ editor: ‘I didn’t want to be a jerk’

A New Yorker editor who wrote a scathing op-ed for the newspaper calling for the removal of “white privilege” from its culture has been fired.

The decision by the magazine’s publisher, Gary Cohn, to let former “Daily Show” correspondent John Oliver take over the weekly has caused a firestorm.

The move comes just days after Oliver and his show mocked Cohn and his family, accusing them of being “white, wealthy and privileged” with their wealth.

“The Daily Show” is a satirical weekly show on Comedy Central.

Oliver has been criticized for mocking Cohn in a series of tweets and posts.

Oliver said he was “shocked” by the move.

“As a matter of principle, I did not want to work for the New Yorker.

I wanted to be in a job with people who had a great deal of power and influence over my career, and that was the reason why I left the show in 2014,” Oliver said in a statement released Monday.

Oliver, who has worked at the magazine since 2012, was not immediately available for comment on Monday.

The New Yorker has long had a history of racial bias, with its first black staff member in 1962.

Cohn, 62, became an editor and writer at the paper in 2014 after serving as a writer and executive producer on the “Daily Nightly News” for 14 years.

The Times-Picayune reported that Cohn’s brother, Alan, was an assistant managing editor at the newspaper for years before leaving in 2002.

The paper has not yet responded to requests for comment.

Oliver was the lead writer and editor on the series “The New York Times Best Seller” from 2012 to 2014.

He served as the editor of the website, The New York Review of Books, until he left in January.

“I had no idea that we were going to go through this,” Oliver told the Times- Picayune in a tweet.

That’s the truth. “

This is a wake-up call that you do not have to be white, rich and privileged to be successful.

We’re doing our best to change that, but there’s still much work to do.” “

There’s a lot of racism at The New Jersey Times and at the New York Daily News.

We’re doing our best to change that, but there’s still much work to do.”

Oliver said the move “seems to me like a clear and present danger to my career,” and he added, “The only way to prevent this from happening again is to be clear about your biases, because the sooner you acknowledge them, the better.”

He added that he hoped to continue to work at The Times and The New Republic as a contributing writer, and he expressed support for the recent firing of “Daily Joe” host Joe Scarborough, who was fired after he made sexist comments.

“To be honest, I’ve never been one to stand up for anyone, but as an editor, I was willing to take the hit for my colleague, who had every right to speak up,” Oliver wrote in the op-eds piece.

“And I’m grateful for my colleagues who stand up and speak up in defense of the First Amendment.”

He continued: “I do not believe that I would have made my decision without seeing that I have been discriminated against in the past by the Daily Show and The Daily New Yorker staff.”

The Times’ decision to let Oliver take on the paper came after Cohn’s wife, Livia, said the two had discussed leaving the newspaper and “no longer wanted to live in the same house as me.”

“The fact that I was able to leave is not a surprise to me.

I’ve known Gary for many years,” she told the paper, adding that the pair “have been married for more than a decade and we have had no issues with our relationship.”

Cohn, who also worked as a contributor for the Times before leaving the paper to launch the “Inside Politics” podcast, did not immediately respond to requests from The Associated Press for comment Monday.

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