The farms of Wenatchee Heights.

Above and Beyond.

Family, friends, and farms.

The farms are ringed by two hundred acres of working, fertile orchards high up in the hills of Wenatchee Heights. The land is run and owned by proud Washington agriculturists with over 20 years experience of growing world-class pears, cherries, and hops. Not only are they small business owners, they’re also a group of family and friends that prizes quality and good intentions over mass-produced sameness. Who better to grow world-class Washington cannabis?

The taste of Wenatchee.

Tiller cannabis is suffused with the sun, soil, and air of Wenatchee Heights. The sweet flavor profile is completely unique to our farms. Unlike nearby areas below 3,000 feet that had their nutrient-rich soils washed away in the Ice Age floods, the higher altitude hills of Wenatchee Heights were left entirely untouched. Our native soil, called Colockum silt loam, is some of the best in the world—a growing environment abundant with nutrients, moisture, and humus.

The sun makes more sense.

We grow our cannabis under the strong, clean Washington sun. Not only does natural sunlight create a rich terpene profile impossible under artificial lights, it also lessens our carbon footprint, creating a sustainable model and superior product.

The Farms

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American Farms

Wicked Hillbilly Farms