Tiller handpicks the best farmers

Every farm we work with is unique, but they all have one thing in common: they share our standards for producing high quality marijuana. Every farm grows under the sun because it produces the best possible product. And because it’s the responsible thing to do. They also exclusively use natural pesticides. It’s better for the environment, and it’s better for you. Below are the farms we've selected to work with.

Howling Dog Farms

Howling Dog Farms is located in the Okanogan Valley, where the climate is ideal for producing all-natural, sungrown cannabis.

We grow our plants with great care of our ecosystem. Each and every plant is fed with a house blend of only organic fertilizers and amendments. We never use pesticides, herbicides or fungicides. Instead, we use birds, praying mantis, ladybugs and other beneficial insects as pest control. Our only water source for the plants is the Similkameen River, which is only a stone’s throw away.

Our mission to produce quality sungrown cannabis with the smallest footprint possible.

Sal-E-Boy Farm

Sal-E-Boy Farm is located in Okanogan Valley, one of the best areas for growing high quality, sungrown cannabis. The long summer days, dry climate and water from Columbia River tributaries all help produce some of Washington’s best.

We grow our plants in fiber pots, which allow us to control not only the moisture, but exactly what the plants consume. Fiber pots also allow the plants to grow roots without getting bound. We exclusively use natural pesticides. Like a large and varied population of predatory insects, particularly wasps. We also have a multitude of various spiders, including the voracious wolf spider, as well as lady bugs, dragon flies, and praying mantis.

We dry and cure in our indoor environmentally controlled spaces, producing the highest quality natural pesticide-free cannabis.

Lady Helm Farm

Lady Helm Farm is located in the Okanogan Valley, where the eastern Washington sun and wind help produce the finest all-natural sungrown cannabis.

We believe nature’s process can’t be beat. That’s why our growing regime only includes all-natural nutrients and WSDA organic-listed pest control. It’s also why we grow under the sun—nothing else develops a richer terpene and cannabinoid profile.

We also think marijuana should taste as good as it feels. That’s why we only grow what we like to smoke.